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Legal Services

An entertainment attorney is essential for artists and record labels: safeguarding their rights in contracts, securing fair pay, and offering crucial legal advice amidst the complexities of the industry.

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Distro Advance

We distribute music and provide funding! You own your rights and we recoup from royalties. No interest fees, subject to approval, diligence, and conditions. Funding in weeks.

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The fastest and most affordable way to protect all of your creations with simple copyright registrations and agreements!

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Publishing administration

Collect all the global royalties you're owed. Guarantee fast & easy publishing, mechanical, and live performance royalty collection. Control your sync rights. One-time registration fee.

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Performance Rights

BMI keeps track of where your music is being played. They collect and distribute performance royalties every time your music is used.

Digital Performance Rights


Sound Exchange is the trusted organization responsible for gathering and disbursing digital performance royalties related to sound recordings. They compensate artists for the non-interactive utilization of their musical works. Non-interactive streaming scenarios include popular platforms like Pandora and satellite radio.

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Data Tracking

Luminate Data tracks sales, streaming, and radio airplay. You must register your ISRC, UPC/EAN, and encode your music to be fully tracked. The registration process will take 2-3 business days. 

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