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Our Team

Eclipse brings together brilliant minds and passionate individuals from the music and tech sectors, all dedicated to supporting artists, both independent and major, on a global scale.


Co-Chairman | Founder


"Excel Beats"


Brian Whittaker, a Co-founder of Eclipse Music Technologies and Eclipse Distro, plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's overall business strategy. His expertise extends to guiding creative endeavors and nurturing artist relations. As a 10-time Billboard Charting Record Producer, Brian is celebrated for his remarkable contributions to the music industry. 


Co-Chairman | Founder



Demiko Duty, a Co-founder of Eclipse Music Technologies and Eclipse Distro, is an expert in cultivating influential professional and investor relationships, a key driver of the company's success. With more than a decade of experience in the music industry, his deep industry knowledge is invaluable. Notably, Demiko is a proud United States Air Force veteran, showcasing his dedication to excellence and leadership qualities in both his military and entrepreneurial endeavors.


Chief Executive Officer


Bernie Lawrence-Watkins is the CEO of Eclipse Music Technologies, specializing in music distribution and services for musicians. With over 19 years of experience in law, she represents Grammy® Award-winning artists, record executives, and more. Her expertise in complex agreements has earned clients millions, and she's a sought-after speaker at colleges and conferences.

jim-mattern (1).jpeg

Chief Operating Officer



James Mattern, the Chief Operating Officer of Eclipse Music Technologies, is a versatile entrepreneur and dealmaker. His diverse portfolio extends across insurance, technology, and alternative industries. Notably, he's actively engaged in the worlds of boxing and entertainment management, showcasing his wide-ranging expertise and commitment to success in various fields.


Creative Development

Adriana Weng

Adriana brings a wealth of expertise to the dynamic world of music distribution. Her work with Cash Money Records further solidifies her role in shaping the music industry. Enhancing Eclipse Distro's creative endeavors, Her unique blend of strategic thinking and dedication is a valuable asset to the team.


President | Distro




Roccstar, President of Eclipse Distro, is a Grammy-nominated music producer, songwriter, artist, and reality TV star. His prolific career includes chart-topping hits for artists like Chris Brown, Post Malone, Kendrick Lamar, Jennifer Lopez, and Usher, showcasing his extraordinary talent both behind the scenes and in the spotlight.


Vice President | Distro



Curtis Young, the Vice President of Eclipse Distro, is a multifaceted individual who personifies versatility. Not only is he a celebrated artist in his own right, but he also exudes an entrepreneurial spirit that drives innovation within the industry. Curtis's role as a mentor and author is pivotal in nurturing emerging talent, and he is unwavering in his commitment to upholding his rich musical heritage as the heir to the legendary Dr. Dre. His multifaceted approach contributes significantly to Eclipse Distro's mission of empowering musicians of all levels.


Head Of Artist Relations


"Olskool Ice Gre"


Greg "Olskool Ice Gre" Lewis, Head of Artist Relations at Eclipse Distro, made waves as the original A&R for Kanye West's Good Music label, catapulting Big Sean to international stardom. His ongoing collaboration with Kanye into 2022 showcases his enduring industry relevance and mentorship. He's a vital asset to Eclipse Distro, passionately supporting and empowering artists.

matt (1).png

Director Of Radio Promotions

Keith Matthews

Keith Matthews, Director of Radio Promotions at Eclipse Distro, boasts 20+ years of music industry expertise. His strategic approach in liaising with artists and labels is pivotal in elevating their presence and impact in the radio sphere, making him a cornerstone in Eclipse Distro's mission.


Account Manager / Media



Keith Farrell, the Account Manager at Eclipse Distro, seamlessly blends his musical success with a versatile skill set in graphic design, photography, video editing, and concept creation. With a background in music that includes chart-topping compositions, Keith plays a key role in auditing artists, managing catalogues, and handling administrative tasks at Eclipse. His unique combination of talents and passion for technology and music make him an indispensable asset to the company.


Artist Marketing Strategist

Bonnie Comfort

Bonnie is a powerhouse in both marketing and entrepreneurship, pioneering innovative strategies that carve out a distinctive niche for her in a fiercely competitive industry. With a sharp eye for market trends and consumer behavior, Bonnie has launched and expanded numerous ventures, making a lasting impact on the digital marketing landscape.

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