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Welcome to The School Tour, where the power of music meets the promise of education. Since our inception in 2004, we've been on a mission to inspire, educate, and uplift students across California. Led by our dedicated founder, Randy Hankins, and proudly recognized as a 501(C)(3) nonprofit since December 2016, we've embarked on a transformative journey. Through dynamic performances, engaging events, and the generous support of The Bootsy Collins Foundation, we've touched the lives of thousands of students in High Schools, Middle Schools, and Elementary Schools, spreading important messages on topics like anti-bullying, academic excellence, and health awareness. Our commitment goes beyond the classroom, extending to community events, parks, and county fairs. Join us in making a lasting impact, where "Music, and Students Listen."



Audience Diversification: Artists often have the opportunity to perform in front of diverse audiences, including students, teachers, parents, and community members. This exposure can help diversify an artist's fanbase, reaching demographics they may not have reached otherwise.

Word of Mouth and Social Media: Engaging with younger audiences can lead to powerful word-of-mouth promotion. Students who enjoy the performance are likely to share their experiences on social media, introducing the artist's work to a wider online audience.

Local and Regional Recognition: The School Tour frequently visits schools and community events across different regions. Artists can gain recognition at the local and regional levels, building a strong following in specific areas.

Educational Outreach: Performing in educational settings can create a unique bond with students who may become long-term fans. Students may explore an artist's music and follow their career as they grow older.

Positive Branding: Aligning with a nonprofit organization like The School Tour can enhance an artist's image by demonstrating a commitment to social causes and community engagement, which can resonate with fans and potential collaborators.

Networking Opportunities: Artists may have the chance to network with educators, organizers, and fellow artists involved with The School Tour. These connections can lead to new opportunities, collaborations, and increased exposure.

Content Creation: Performances for The School Tour can generate valuable content for an artist's promotional materials. Video footage, photos, and testimonials from these events can be used in press kits, social media, and websites.

Legacy Building: Artists can leave a lasting impact on the communities they engage with through The School Tour. This can lead to a legacy of support and appreciation, creating a loyal and dedicated fanbase for years to come.


To be a part of The School Tour and contribute to our mission of combining education with music and entertainment, we require the following qualifications and expectations

Professionalism: Artists must maintain a high level of professionalism in their conduct, both on and off the stage. This includes respectful interactions with students, school staff, and The School Tour team.

Punctuality: Being on time for rehearsals, performances, and all scheduled events is crucial. Timeliness ensures the smooth execution of our engagements.

Regular Rehearsals: Artists are expected to rehearse regularly to ensure the quality and consistency of their performances. This commitment to practice helps maintain a high standard of entertainment.

Clean Music: Artists must adhere to a strict policy of performing music with no explicit, vulgar, or suggestive lyrics during The School Tour events. We prioritize creating a positive and age-appropriate environment for students.

Consistency in Online Presence: To connect with our audience beyond live performances, artists should have a consistent online presence. This includes maintaining active social media profiles, engaging with fans, and regularly releasing music and content.

Video Documentation: Providing videos of past performances is essential for talent screening. These videos allow us to assess an artist's stage presence, audience engagement, and overall suitability for our educational and entertaining events.


The School Tour takes immense pride in the success stories of the talented individuals who have been a part of our journey

  • 2017: JTK's appearance on the TV show "Showtime at The Apollo" marked a significant milestone, showcasing their talent on a renowned stage.

  • 2015: Jadagrace's signing with Capitol Records exemplified the potential that young artists can achieve when given opportunities to shine.

  • 2014: Jacob Latimore's role in the feature film "Ride Along" illustrated the diverse avenues that artists can explore beyond music.

  • 2014: JTK's opening performance for Mindless Behavior at the Citizens Business Bank Arena demonstrated their ability to captivate large audiences.

  • 2013: Ashlee Littlejohn's opportunity to open for R&B legend Keith Sweat showcased her talent and potential in the music industry.

  • 2012: Simone Battle's impressive finish in the top 10 on American Idol was a testament to her vocal prowess and stage presence.

  • 2010: California Swag District's chart-topping hit "Teach Me How to Dougie" became a sensation, proving the impact of their music.

  • 2010: Kemistrie's recognition as the Best Female Act on BET's Wild Out Wednesday highlighted her talent in the hip-hop community.

  • 2007: Scooter Smiff's performance alongside Chris Brown at the Grammy Awards was a remarkable opportunity for a young artist.



If you're an artist who shares our passion and commitment, we invite you to apply here.

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